Diamond Steel Roofing in Toronto


Aimed Group is a leader in diamond metal shingles here in Toronto. We work closely with our clients to develop a thorough roof plan, incorporating aesthetic and functional elements.

While the name, diamond metal shingles, conjures images of shimmering bejewelled roofs, these are similar in consistency and design as standard metal shingles, with the difference of shape and angle. Diamond shingles are designed to fit together in a diamond pattern for an aesthetic experience no other standard shingle offers.

While the image of the diamond metal shingles creates is unique, it is not the only reason homeowners select this style roof from companies. There are a variety of benefits these tiles offer.

Benefits of Diamond Metal Shingles

Diamond metal shingles are one of a kind, providing a selection of advantages over alternative materials. These include:

  • Reduced Elemental Damage – One of the main reasons to choose diamond metal shingles over standard square or rectangular shingles is their ability to reduce elemental damage. Here in Ontario, we see extremes in every season. From blistering hot summer days to stormy winter nights, the diamond pattern of these shingles prevents wind from lifting and water from penetrating your roof. They are also less likely to crack or warp in the hot sun.
  • Energy Efficient – While the energy efficiency is more to do with the material than the shape, homeowners with diamond metal shingles will see a decline in energy bills. During warm months, these shingles keep cool air from escaping from the roof of your house. Similarly, in the cold winter season, you will find less heat lost through your shingles, thus lowering electric and oil bills.
  • Light Weight – The more weight on your roof in general, the more weight there is during rain and snowfall. Weight is a problem for roofs, especially those on old houses which may not fare well against the added pressure of liquids. Diamond metal shingles are designed to be lightweight while still protecting your home.
  • Fireproof – Metal shingles are naturally fireproof and waterproof. This saves you money on extra coatings and treatments as well.
  • Longevity – The diamond metal shingles we use have a longer lifespan than other materials. Most homeowners will get a good 40 to 70 years out of these shingles before they need to be replaced if they are well-maintained.
  • Recyclable – Not all diamond metal shingles are recyclable, but some are, and some are also made from recycled metal products. This increases the green-factor of your home, reduces your carbon footprint on the planet, and provides a sustainable future for Toronto homeowners.

Not every local Toronto roof company has the same assortment of diamond metal shingles to choose from. At Aimed Group, we consider our client’s opinions when we order products for roofing. This ensures we have the best selection in the city. Whether you want to fit in with other houses on your block or stand out, we can help.

Caring for Diamond Metal Shingles

As you work with Aimed Group to determine the correct style of shingle for your home, a subject that will likely arise is maintenance. The more maintenance your shingles receive, the longer they will last, and the less likely you are to spend extra money on your home in the future. Some of the ways you can care for your shingles include:

  • Following up on Maintenance Warranties – In many cases, this includes one or two regular inspections of tiles and shingles. Take advantage of this offer while it is available to you, as roof inspections can be pricey otherwise. Whether included in your warranty or out of pocket, inspecting your roof at least once a year will keep it newer longer, and reduce future costs.
  • Remove Warped and Damaged Tiles – It is never good news to hear that there is damage to your roof. Installing a whole new roof is costly and time-consuming. This is why it is so important to remove warped and damaged tiles as soon as you find them. Replacing these tiles ensures that warp and rot don’t spread to other areas of your roof and the wood and housing materials underneath.
  • Seal Cracks and Holes – As our team inspect your roof, they look for cracks, gaps, and openings in your shingles. These are small but significant areas as they allow for unwanted pests, water, ice, and wind to infiltrate your home and further damage the shingles. If you are nervous about gaps and cracks in your roofing, call our professionals, and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Clean Your Rain Gutters – It might be a hassle to climb up on a ladder and clean the gutters, but it is well worth the effort. Your rain gutters are there for a reason; to carry liquids away from your diamond metal shingles and keep it from collecting and damaging your roof. Throughout the seasons, your gutters collect an assortment of debris like twigs, bugs, and leaves. This stops water from draining from your shingles and can cause leaks and damage.

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We know that no two houses or roofs are the same, so we encourage our clients to be involved in the roofing process from start to finish. You can count on us to put a roof over your head that you can be proud of.

If you are considering diamond metal shingles and are browsing local roof companies here in Toronto, we invite you to contact Aimed Group at 1-905-505-0162.

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