What is Standing seam

Standing seam is a hidden fastener system that is a favourite among architects, engineers, historical restoration companies, home owners and roofing professionals. Standing seam has a very distinct looks showcased by its vertical lines and clean looks. Applications for this architectural sheet metal profile are endless, but are most commonly found on high and low sloped roofs, exterior cladding systems, and accent roofs on many custom homes. Aimed specializes in two systems called Snap Lock Standing Seam and Mechanical Lock Standing Seam.

Snap Lock What is Snap Lock Standing Seam?

Snap lock Standing Seam is an architectural sheet metal system that is formed from a continuous sheet of material that stretches from the eaves to the ridge of any roof. It consists of vertically run panels that range from 14”7/8 wide to 24” inch wide panels. It is easily distinguished by the raised vertical seams that range from 1” to 1.5”. Snap Lock panels are a hidden fastener system which means there are no visible screws or penetrations in the panels that could cause failure to the system. The Snap Lock system is unique because it does not require any mechanical seam of the panels together. The panel is formed with a male and female clips that tightly fit on each other creating a watertight seal.

Mechanical Lock What is Mechanical Lock Standing Seam?

Mechanical Lock Standing Seam is the method in which the panels are joined together. Rather than having a snap lock system these panels are permanently folded together allowed by a seaming tool. This system creates a permanent seam from one panel to the other ensuring there are no failures. The system allows very complex roof slopes and very low slope roofs.

Standing SeamSpecifications

Standing Seam Applications range depending on the applications that are required by the designer, architect and homeowners. The most common specifications are for the Snap Lock and Mechanical Lock systems. Aimed Group works closely with the ones in charge of the build to correctly choose the right system for building.

  • Panel Gauge
  • Panel Width
  • Seam Height
  • Lengths
  • Minimum Pitch
  • Panel Gauge
    24 gauge
    and 26 gauge
  • Panel Width
  • Seam Height
    1" - I.5"
  • Lengths
    Made to any
  • Minimum Pitch

Benefits ofSnap Lock Standing Seam

Snap Lock is a very common and readily available system that can be installed on any sloped roofing system that exceeds the slope of 3/12. The snap lock panels is a complete system that does not require any additional clips or seaming tools to join the panels together resulting in a relatively quick install compared to the Mechanical Lock system.

Benefits ofMechanical Lock Standing Seam

Traditionally standing seam metal roofs are always mechanically locked together resulting in generations of protection from the elements. Mechanical Locking systems allow for a complete custom system on your roof. Panels can be made in a number of different widths and lengths. The greatest benefit of the system is the ability to accommodate very low slope roofs with a double lock mechanical system.

Insurance Benefits
Energy Efficient
Light Weight


What it Takes to install STANDING SEAM Roofs

Choosing the Standing
Seam System
Designing the
Old Shingles
Roof Health
Prepare the
Roof Deck
Starter Flashing
Laying Down the
Seamless Panels


Standing Seam is a great system for any building that is looking for an environmentally friendly and long lasting product. It can be used on any cladding application from walls, roofs, accent touches and interior details. The most significant benefit is the ability to accommodate low sloped roofs.

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