What is True Nature Metal Shingles

The True Nature line from VicWest Building Products is a new product that has taken off in the residential roofing market. It is stable for all applications from Re-roofing and existing buildings to adding a high end look to a new build. VicWest spent years engineering a paint system that adds realistic and natural looks while providing long lasting protection and durability to the material.

Hidden Fastener System Specifications

Similar to the much more expensive and custom system such as standing seam, real slate or real cedar. The True Nature shingles hide the fasteners from the elements. This eliminates one of the most common failure points on metal roofs. The “exposed” fasteners have rubber gaskets that can be damaged and dried out by UV rays and constant contact with water. This is not the case with the True nature products.

  • Coverage Per Tile
  • Substrate
  • Weight
  • Tile Depth
  • ---------
  • Coverage Per Tile
    12" x 50" – 4.17 sq. ft –
    24 tiles/square
    14.5" x 51" – 5.13 sq. ft –
    20 tiles/square
  • Substrate
    28ga (0.015") – Grade 33
    Galvalume Coated
    Steel 28ga (0.015") –
    Grade 33 Galvalume
    Coated Steel
  • Weight
    3.76 lb/tile –
    90 lb/square
    4.5 lb/tile –
    90 lb/square
  • Tile Depth
    9/16" at front nose
    1" at front nose
  • ---------

Benefits ofTrue Nature Metal Shingles

The True Nature line comprises the Cedar Creek Shank and the North Ridge Slate are Hidden Fastener systems that eliminate all failure points traditional exposed fastener systems can have. In addition to the hidden fasteners each panel works with various channels and drainage avenues on the interlocked tiles. Every flashing from the starters, valleys and even the ridge caps were designed to shed water and direct the flow down to the ground.

Elemental Damage
Lower Energy Bills
Light Weight


What it Takes to install Vicwest True Nature Roofs

Shingle Type
& Setup
Old Shingles
Roof Health
Installing the
Drip Edge
Laying Down the
New Shingles


True Nature products are designed to simulate the natural beauty of Slate, Cedar and Clay tiles. These products are a fraction of the cost of the real product and will provide similar looks, longer life span and a 50 year warranty! When looking to spec cedar or slate specifically for the look, True Nature products can be an easy substitute. The product is commonly used on newbuilds and re-roofs to give the building the eye-catching looks.

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