What is Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic roofing systems are relatively new and long lasting roofing systems. Green Plastomers Roofing has created simulated PVC slate that provides owners with a long lasting and cost effect alternative to real slate roofing. These roofing systems last up to 50 years with manufacturer warranties and installations guarantees. Over the last ten years, synthetic roofing systems have taken off on the high end residential and institutional market.

Synthetic Slate RoofingSpecifications

There are a number of roofing alternatives to the traditional and long lasting natural slate roofing materials. Synthetic roofing systems provide similar dimensions, life spans and textures to real slate materials.

  • Colours
  • Exposure
  • Tile Width
  • Benefits
  • Minimum Pitch
  • Colours
    Dark gray/
    Light Gray/
    Dark Brown color
  • Exposure
    9 and 10 inches
    exposure height
  • Tile Width
    12" width
  • Benefits
    Hail resistance class
    4 Wind resistance
    177 km/h
  • Minimum Pitch

Visual Benefits

Synthetic slate is a product that is modeled off the natural beauty of real slate roofs that have been used for centuries. Slate is often picked for its look and natural characteristics which is why synthetic roofing manufacturers use the best examples of slate tiles for their molds. When a home has a slate synthetic roof on its roof it sets itself apart from the other homes on the street. The highest spec home builds utilize this product to enure the clients needs are met aesthetically and practically.

Elemental Damage
Energy Efficient
Light Weight


What it Takes to install Synthetic Slate Roofs

Slate Type
& Setup
Old Shingles
Roof Health
Installing the
Drip Edge
Laying Down the
Installing New
Synthetic Slates


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