What is Real Slate Roofing

Natural Slate roofing has been around for centuries and is the goto for high end homes to institutional, and restoration projects. Reason for this material being specified on these types of projects is due to the physical beauty of the product and the life expectancy of this product when installed correctly. Slate roof can easily last up to 100 years! Aimed is working closely with North Country Slate to provide our clients with the highest quality material.

Real SlateSpecifications

  • Flashing Materials
  • Slate Thickness
  • Slate Width
  • Lengths
  • Minimum Pitch
  • Flashing Materials
    Zinc, Copper,
    Lead Coated Copper,
  • Slate Thickness
    3/16″ to 1"
  • Slate Width
    24 x 12, 20 x 12,
    18 x 12, 16 x 12,
    14 x 12
  • Lengths
    Made to any
  • Minimum Pitch

Benefits ofNatural Slate

First of all Natural Slate roofs are among the best and most beautiful roofing materials on the market. When installed correctly the slate roof can be generational! A properly installed slate roof encompasses copper nails, living metal flashings, and the most important element is a skillful installer that knows slate. When looking at any roof that is on a home of considerable value you need to consider the next replacement cost and if its a roof that is serviceable. When some buildings are designed they dont take in consideration the roofing installer coming back to replace the shingles in 10-15 years. There are instances that roofing is shingled and they fall under our unserviceable classification meaning the cost to replace is so large due to the complexity that the up front investment of slate begins to show its value. This value is a direct 1 to 1 when properties are valued, so the added value to a slate roof is substantial.

Elemental Damage
Energy Efficient
Environmentally Friendly


What it Takes to install Real Slate Roof

Shingle Type
& Setup
Old Shingles
Roof Health
Installing the
Drip Edge
Laying Down the
New Shingles

What are
Living Metals

Living metals are an important detail every slate roof should have for all exposed and not exposed flashings. Slate itself is a material that can last 100+ years, therefore the flashings such as the drip edge, valleys, hip flashings, transition flashings and accent details should last as long as the natural slate. Living metals are 100% natural products such as, zinc, copper, lead coated copper, brass, etc. The have impressive properties that allow them to last the life span of the slate roof and also add a beautiful patina

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