About Aimed Group Inc.

Aimed Group is not your average shingle roofing company. While many roofing companies install shingles alongside their speciality roofing products, Aimed solely installs the longest lasting and highest end
materials on the market. The team at Aimed has worked tirelessly to hammer out a very niche business that provides not only incredible projects but also amazing customer service!

We Value Our Suppliers

All of our suppliers are number one in our industries and are committed to giving us the best prices and warranties. We have a great list of suppliers and work hand-in-hand with several other companies that offer services we don’t. When our team requires a service they can not complete to the quality Aimed requires, we sub them out to the best. Companies go through a screening process before sending them to our trust clients, so there are no issues during or after the job.

About Aimed Group



Certified and Professional Team
High Quality Work
& Commitment
Industry Standard Experience
Best Price
Environmental Friendly Services
State of the Art Technology

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