Otto and his team replaced the roof on our cottage. The estimate was totally detailed, and the company took time to explain every detail to me. Every day they cleaned up after themselves, and of course at then end of the work. The people were highly friendly and polite even in the hot weather. I would extremely recommend Aimed Group INC.
BethMidland, 2018
Aimed Group INC. changed the roof on my old garage lately. They were responsive, amazing, on time and fair priced. The job went out with any problems, and we were completely happy at the end. I would absolutely recommend the company with their crew.
BridgetOrangeville, 2020
The workers were experienced and service oriented. The whole process went through fast and detailed. I would recommend Aimed Group INC. to those who needs a quality roof service.
AshleyMilton, 2019
A friend of mine recommended this company to me. The entire staff was extremely courteous and the level of workmanship and professionalism we got was awesome. Otto and his gang did an awesome job on my flat roof, I would love to recommend them to anyone.
NinaVaughan, 2017
The company’s people are aware what customer service means. I have been told that I irritate workers with my questions and concerns. Otto and the boys handled me with big patience and professionalism. I would highly recommend them for anyone who has to replace or repair their roof.
EricaMarkham, 2020


  • Will a metal roof make our home hotter?

    No, metal roofing allows for better ventilation and insulation between the existing shingles and the metal roofing. Our most commonly installed product uses strapping under the steel in horizontal and vertical layers, raising the roof and allowing for an air gap.
  • How do you vent the roof?

    Every roof type and material require different venting methods. For steel, the steel roof vents itself. We vent the attic by installing a full-length ridge vent with metal roofing capping.

    Asphalt shingles need to be vented, or the shingles can get cooked, resulting in curled shingles and causing the roof to suffer damage. Aimed installs a vented ridge cap along with surface mounted vents in areas where extra venting is needed.

    Cedar and composite roofing systems require ridge venting and mounted vents.

    But it is most important to understand the building first. Some roofing structures do not require venting.

  • What type of material should we use for my roof?

    This is a difficult question. Every material can be used on any roof except flat roofing on a sloped roof.

    What it really depends on is, what is the use of the building? What kind of budget do you have? How long do you want your roof to last? How extravagant do you want to go? These are all questions the homeowner has to consider when making the decision. There are home styles and designs that do not aesthetically work with some materials.

  • What is the cost difference between steel and regular asphalt shingles?

    You have to be prepared to spend more on steel. On average, it is 30%-50% more. It depends on the installer of the various products.
  • Are you insured?

    Yes, of course. All of our teams are insured. We know that things can happen and mistakes can be made on any job, so we need to provide the property owners with the peace of mind and security that comes with fully insured crews on their property.

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