Riviera Profile Roof

Roofing is one of the largest expenses a homeowner will encounter in maintaining their property. This is why we at Aimed Group Inc. believe that a new steel roof should leave a lasting impression every time the home owner drives up to their house. This roof located in Orangeville Ontario, gives this beautiful home a new life! On this particular job Aimed and the owner spared no expense, providing our selves and the owner with these beautiful shots. On a job such as this it is important to know how every material works with each other. Of course there is the Blue Grey Steel product, but also flat roofing and hand bent copper dormers that give the building the wow factor! When we begin designing a roof and ordering the material every step is considered so we avoided working backwards in order to install the different material. Every accent such as the copper must be installed before the flashing and metal sheeting goes on. This ensures a seamless, and water tight installation as well ensuring that no damage will be done to the custom copper work.

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