Epoxy Installation Project

Base concrete is 13 years old, has numerous cracks, oil and paint spills.

  1. First step is to grind out all the cracks :
  2. Next step is to fill the gaps with high strength epoxy for structural crack repairs.
  3. Time to do the sanding of the floor. It will create proper surfaces for the epoxy so that the bonding between the epoxy and the concrete will be optimal.
  4. First coat to be installed which is a primer .This ensures high strength adhesion between the concrete and the epoxy later. This is also crucial to make the floor last for ages.
  5. Following day the floor is ready to get the second coat which is the base color with the flakes . In this case the customer chooses Stone beige base with white-brown-black flakes .
  6. Last step is the application of the clear epoxy. This coat will cover all the flakes, gives protection for everything underneath, eliminates the dirt build-up, defends against oil spills, chemicals and tire marks. Also gives a beautiful shine to it. From start to end this is a 5 day process. Gives you a gorgeous garage floor, which will last for years .

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