Flooring Experts and Roofers in NewmarketTucked into the municipality of York, Newmarket, Ontario, is located along the Golden Horseshoe and is well known for their beautiful Fairy Lake Park and Garden. More than 85,000 Canadians call Newmarket home, and thousands flock each year to vacation and see the sights of Toronto without staying in the main city center. This calls for sturdy homes, which is exactly what Aimed Group provides as one of the leading metal roofing contractors in Newmarket.

One of the beautiful features of Newmarket is the many homes which line its streets. It’s a perfect mix of contemporary and historical housing poised between the big city and cottage country. This variety of home types poses a problem for general contractors without any specialization. Older homes require delicate care, especially when replacing hardwood flooring and asphalt shingles. Our team is experienced in new and old methods of installation, taking great care to ensure our client’s homes are left in pristine condition with a product they can trust.

Finding Flooring Experts and Roofers in Newmarket

The hunt for floor and roof companies — especially steel roofing contractors — in Newmarket is competitive, which is why Aimed Group sets ourselves apart by providing our clients with something different. Our team of experienced roofers, flooring experts, and general contracting professionals are hand chosen based on skill, training, experience, and personality. When we match staff to a client’s job, we consider the overall design aesthetic, materials being used, location, age of the property, and more. This ensures you receive a bespoke customer experience unique to your building project.

We set ourselves apart from other local roofing contractors and flooring companies by including transportation in our services. Transportation eats up a large portion of cost and time while delivering materials and tools to a building site. Overseeing our transportation allows us to provide clients with realistic price quotes and timelines for project completion.

Aimed Group Roofing Services in Newmarket

Aimed Group is an authority among roofers in Newmarket. With a long list of successful builds across Ontario, we strive for consistency, quality, and safety. Some of the roofing options we offer our Newmarket customers include:

  • Flat Roofing – Flat roofing is a unique style for residential buildings, primarily found on warehouses and other industrial buildings. More homeowners in Newmarket are choosing this style to stand out from neighbours and deliver a modern punch of aesthetic to their block. Flat roofing must have specialized drainage or an angular build to ensure water does not pool and cause leaks.
  • Asphalt Roofing – Asphalt roofing is highly popular among modern and traditional houses in Newmarket. It comes in several styles and colours, letting you customize your home to your tastes. Asphalt is affordable and durable, keeping wind and rain outside and warmth inside.
  • Shingle Roofing – Shingles are another common find among Newmarket homes. Shingles come in different styles, including asphalt, wood, shale, composite shale, and metal.
  • Steel Roofing – Steel roofing is among the most durable and long-lasting roofing you can buy. While it does cost more than asphalt, it also has fewer weaknesses where wind and weather can seep inside. Metal roofing is great for insulating your home, potentially lowering electricity bills and improving environmental sustainability.
  • Diamond Steel Roofing – Like steel roofing, diamond steel roofing includes many great features. Diamond steel roofing is more expensive than alternative materials; however, it’s well worth the added money if you are looking for a roof to stand the test of time, keep the weather out, and add a note of elegance to your home design.
  • Composite Roofing – Composite roofing varies from company to company. Some composite shingles are designed to look like shale, others like wood. Most composite shingles are made from a synthetic resin material, waterproofing your home, and cost far less than many other roofing materials on the market.

Aimed Group has some of the best architects and designers in Canada. We work with our clients to develop designs that meet your standards for aesthetics and functionality. This helps us narrow down the best roof material and shape for you and your home.

Aimed Group Flooring Services in Newmarket

The floors in your home are an important feature; Aimed Group offers various options for style, material, and installation. Some of the floor types we specialize in are:

  • Composite Wood Flooring – Composite wood products are made from the scraps leftover from larger wood projects. In this way, composite floors are extremely “green,” leaving less waste and increasing sustainability. Due to the way composite wood floors are made, the materials are far cheaper than hardwood floors. This offers homeowners on a budget the option of a beautiful wood finish without the big price tag.
  • Hardwood Flooring – Hardwood flooring is a popular option for houses in Newmarket. This age-old material stands the test of time, retaining its look for a lifetime when properly cared for. Aimed Group is experienced in brand new wood flooring installations and refinishing and reflooring projects.
  • Epoxy Flooring – Aimed Group supplies services to homeowners, business and industrial property owners. Epoxy floors work in all these settings, protecting and covering cement flooring and creating an aesthetically pleasing space that is highly durable and easy to clean. Epoxy is popular for basements, garages, warehouses, and other workspaces.

Newmarket houses tend to be varied in style, which means we see a mix of floor materials chosen throughout the city. If you have questions about these or other flooring materials, we can help.

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