About ImageAimed group is founded on the idea that our goal is to grow with our clients’ needs and requirements for their private residences, commercial properties and everything in between. Aimed has built a reputation for quality materials and installation practices. We believe that the client’s wishes have to be put first, and every step, in small and large projects, must be explained to our customers.

All of our suppliers are number one in our industries and are committed to giving us the best prices and warranties. We have a great list of suppliers and work hand-in-hand with several other companies that offer services we don’t. When our team requires a service they can not complete to the quality Aimed requires, we sub them out to the best. Companies go through a screening process before sending them to our trust clients, so there are no issues during or after the job.

This brings us to the residential and commercial construction industry and why Aimed is a strong competitor in this sector. When we were strictly a roofing company, Aimed team members noticed a large disconnect between the clients, contractors, and service providers. This consistently caused delays, low quality work, multiple visits following completion and worst of all, an unsatisfied client. When there is a centralized company that can handle everything from the first conversation with a client, understand their requirements and vision, execution, logistics and guaranteeing the final product. It makes such a large investment in an owner’s life, stress-free! .

Aimed wants to grow with you as your career develops and flourishes. Everyone needs to have someone in the construction industry that can be depended on and trust to provide the best quality because what we are working on is going to be a part of you!

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