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No home is complete without a stable roof. As one of the foundational parts of a home that protects everyone inside from elements.

There are as many choices for roof setups available — one option is standing seam roofing, which can feature metal roof materials. Regardless of whether you need a roof for residential or commercial purposes, you’ll find that it’ll function well, with many options for customizing your design.

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What is a standing seam roof?

A standing seam metal roof is named because the seam points attach each of the separate roof sheets or panels via a raised interlocking. It’s easy to spot because of the distinctive raised vertical seams going down the line of the roofing, with each panel running consistently from the base roof eaves up to the ridge. Installed panels should not coincide on the horizontal plane in order to maintain water tightness.

What stands out about this kind of interlock standing seam roofing is that the fasteners are concealed, eliminating the common failure points of most metal roofing systems.

The way that you can connect these panels differs too. In the case of a mechanical lock standing seam roof, each panel’s engagement to the next is designed so that overlapping parallel seams are folded over and locked into place. This setup is watertight and works well even on low slope houses.

The alternative is a snap seam, which locks over each panel via the force of friction. They leave more space for thermal differences, making them ideal for climates where the temperature changes a lot, causing the metal to expand and contract. The benefits of this system are the roof has the ability to move with the changing temperatures, but also the installation processes require less labour.

The last option here is a nail strip standing seam, which relies on the roof being fastened right onto the deck and can withstand high wind loads while simultaneously being easy to install.

Product Overview

Aimed Group products are made to order on-site, measured carefully, and customized for every need. We have several options ranging from mechanical seam to snap-lock concealed fastener systems. All our roofs come with a limited warranty that guarantees you can get years of use without worrying about deterioration or damage.

There are also lots of differences based on the material you decide to use.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel typically comes in the 24 gauge G90 variety. It’s the most well-known and often-used choice for residential areas. It comes in a wide array of colour choices, has a high strength to weight ratio, and is affordably priced, making it the perfect choice for many Ontario homes.

Painted Steel

Painted steel is one of many protective layers on steel products and is similar to galvanized steel as it shares the same base material. All our products have a protective zinc and galvanized layer underneath the primer and the final paint layer. This ensures if any damage comes to the top coats (chosen colour), the steel will not rust and the life span does not get affected. An additional advantage of the paint is that it offers an overall aesthetic boost to your installation.


Aluminum standing seam is great for more humid environments. For instance, if you live on the coast, you might want to use this material, given its built-in natural resistance to corrosion of all kinds. It also has a superb weight to strength ratio, which means it’s perfect for situations where the surface load is an important factor that requires a light option to be installed.


Zinc standing seam installations are on the much pricier side, but you get a lot for the extra cost. They will last for over 100 years, owing to the metal’s self-healing properties. It’s entirely corrosion-proof and is popular in Europe exactly for those aforementioned reasons.


This type of roofing is more of a specialty pick often reserved for buildings like churches or parliament spaces. It’s also spiked up in popularity in the luxury custom home area. It comes with a distinctly green hue that grows over time and natural resistance to corrosion, making it a worthwhile choice for some homebuilders.

Weathering Steel

Another option you have is to take unpainted high strength low alloy steel. Typically weathering steel has been carefully fashioned with a patented oxidation process to prevent the development of corrosion. It also features a rustic and natural finish that completely removes the need for any painted surfaces, lessening your workload while providing you with an aesthetically pleasing building.

The Benefits of a Standing Seam Roof

The price of a standing seam roof installation can be high, but this setup is worth the time and expense because of the many advantages it brings.

Some of the advantages depend on what type of metal roofing you decide to use, as previously covered.

One of the best materials for metal roofs is hot zinc coated steel. It comes with enhanced rust protection and is highly resistant to extreme environmental and weather conditions. However, the most common standing seam roof is typically painted 26-24 gauge steel products, which are popular for their affordable cost and high strength to weight ratio.

Some broader advantages of standing-seam roofs are:

  • Lightweight. This setup weighs considerably less than most other types of roofing systems, reducing structural expenses needed to support and maintain the roof.
  • Manufactured to any length. Because it uses a series of panels, it’s easy to produce them to any customized size, fitting a wide range of houses.
  • Snow slides off. There are no crevices for snow to get caught in, allowing it to slide off without getting stuck. To prevent large snow slides full length snow rails are installed.
  • Fire-rated and weather-resistant. As it features metal, standing seams are extremely resistant to fire and heat.
  • Sleek appearance. The seamed, closed-off design is attractive from a distance and up-close, providing a cohesive visual aesthetic. Generally, it is resistant to elements and wind.
  • Energy-efficient. Metal materials reflect the sun in the summer and keep in heat in the winter, reducing energy bills needed to maintain temperatures.

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Standing seam roofs are unique in the roofing space. They stand out for their regularly ridged design and feature a locking system that keeps the panels secure and fasteners hidden. Plus, there are no holes or crevices for snow or dirt to get lost in.

There are many advantages to these roofs, depending on the material used, but experts should handle the installation. If you’re looking to upgrade your roof, now is a perfect time.

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