Composite Slate Roofing Shingles in Toronto


At Aimed Group, our goal is longevity, safety, affordability, and durability. We strive to work with only the highest-quality materials and the most experienced craftsmen and contractors in Canada. One of the materials our expert team works with is composite roofing.

Composite slate roofing, or also commonly known as synthetic roofing, has become a popular choice for Torontonian homes due to its long life and affordability. While more expensive than some other roofing options like metal, the composite slate roofing falls in the middle of the price line on roofing materials, while leaning on the high end of durability.

Benefits of Composite Roofing (Synthetic Roofing)

Composite slate shingles are like the authentic slate shingles of the past but boast a variety of advantages over the natural slate. As beautiful as slate is to look at, it’s a delicate material with a high risk of cracking under force. There’s a reason so many cathedrals are built with shale shingles, but also a reason shale is rarely used today in its natural form.

Among the many reasons to consider composite roofing, there are a select set of benefits you should know about, including:

  • Beauty – Although synthetic slate shingles are made using rubber and plastic, they resemble the real article. This provides an aesthetically pleasing element to your property with a reduced risk of damage to the shingles.
  • Longevity – Due to the reinforcement of the shingles with synthetic materials, composite roofing has a long shelf life. This provides some relief in the financial department because although they are initially more to purchase, they often last twice as long as a natural roofing option such as cedar or traditional shale tile.
  • Weight – Composite slate roofing is lightweight, much lighter than alternative materials like asphalt. This adds to the longevity of the shingles, as they do not press down as much force upon your property.
  • The Green Factor – The term “synthetic” or “composite” often leads to the assumption that a product is not eco-friendly. This synthetic roofing option is incredibly green because all the materials used in the tiles are made from recycled products, and in some cases, can be recycled again. This means less waste in the landfill, both before installing your roof and after it has served its purpose.
  • Protection – While all shingles protect your house to an extent, roof companies who invest in composite slate roofing can also boast the addition of UV protection. Ultraviolet inhibitors are often a bonus of composite shingles.
  • Weather Resistant – Synthetic products are man-made, and while most of the time we strive for natural products, there are some advantages to using materials made in a lab. Composite slate roofing has been modified to protect your home against even the most high-grade storms. Some synthetic roofing options are guaranteed to protect in up to a Class 4 weather impact. They are also designed to aid in fire prevention, mould and mildew, and more
  • Washing Shingles – Along with inspections and gutter cleaning, you may wish to invest in cleaning services to keep your composite slate roofing up to aesthetic standards. A power washing wipes away moss and mildew, giving your slate tiles the appearance of being brand new once more. This counts a lot toward curb appeal and general showmanship.

Caring for Slate Composite Roofing

For homeowners who invest in composite slate roofing, the good news is you do not need to treat the shingles or waterproof them. The synthetic makeup of the composite tile deflects water, withstands storm winds, and deters insects. There are still a few tasks to complete in your efforts to maintain your new roof. These include:

  • Regular Inspections – All roofs need to be inspected, no matter which roof companies you use, or which shingle material you choose. Inspecting your roof once a year helps maintain the integrity of the insulation, foundation, and roof tiles. An inspection goes over many components of your roof, including fasteners and joints, shingles, and gutters. This will also help you to better understand any problem areas on your roof or nearby property, which could cause problems in the future.
  • Gutter Cleaning – Although composite slate roofing does not absorb moisture the way that wood shingles do, it is still necessary to keep gutters clean so that drainage can take place naturally. When gutters are blocked with debris and plant matter, your roof cannot drain itself from rainwater, ice, and snow. This causes an intense weight on your roof and could crack or damage shingles and create problems later in the season. We recommend cleaning gutters at least twice a year. The most common time to clean is after the fall season and after the spring season.
  • Replace and Repair Quickly – As with most roofing options, replacing damaged shingles quickly is the key to a long lifespan. The longer you wait to remove these damaged tiles, the more likely it is that rainwater will seep into the foundation of your roof and damage other tiles and the wood structure beneath them. During your inspection, a contractor will recommend replacement or reconstruction to certain areas of your roof if necessary. Taking immediate action ensures that no further damage will take place, and your roof will last longer.

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