New Construction Project

New builds are always the trickiest projects. Now this might seem to be an odd statement but let us explain. When installing metal roofing on existing structures you are able to measure the building accurately and see exactly what you are working with. You can easily see the issues that need to be addressed and see how to fix them. On a new project you are typically making an estimate based off the drawings provided so you can get approval from the builder and the owner. The drawings provide you with the material list and give you a rough idea what is needed. However drawings can constantly change and present issues once the building starts to go up. Aimed Group Inc. understands the builders processes and knows how to properly communicate with them allowing for a seamless installation of the roof. This new build was a seamless project that required no extra material of adjustments to the initial estimated price. Not only does this show the builder and the owner that we are able to stand by our price but it is also a testament to how we look at every job.

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