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Richmond-HillWith more than 200,000 residents, Richmond Hill, Ontario, is recognized as one of the nicest cities in Ontario. It is no surprise that so many flock to the city for work and leisure. As leading metal roofing contractors in Richmond Hill, Aimed Group prides ourselves on our continued involvement in this fine city, bringing affordable, durable, and luxurious construction projects to Richmond Hill.

As the 28th most populated city in Canada, Richmond Hill requires many contractors to ensure houses are up to code, safe, and sustainable. Part of our job as general contractors is to provide Richmond Hill residents with services that guarantee longevity and curb appeal.

Services Offered by Aimed Roofers in Richmond Hill

While Aimed Group is recognized as an authority among steel roofing contractors, we offer a variety of services outside of metal roofing. Other roofing services we offer include:

  • Asphalt – Asphalt is one of the most common forms of roofing available on Canadian houses. Comprising of shingles coated in gritty asphalt, this style of roofing locks in heat during winter and cool air during summer. It also protects against leaks, rain, sleet, hail, snow, and wind.
  • Composite Shingles – Composite wood shingles look like standard wood shingles, but are a fraction of the price. Affordable and beautiful to look at, composite wood shingles give Richmond Hill homeowners the option of luxury. While not as durable as some other roofing styles, they will protect against the weather and can last a long time if cared for properly.
  • Diamond Steel – Diamond steel roofing is not a product provided by all roof companies because of its expense. However, at Aimed Group, we like to provide our clients with options for both affordability and opulence. For a highly durable, long-lasting, and functional roof, diamond steel will last much longer than other materials and provide aesthetic appeal.
  • Flat – Flat roofing is generally reserved for warehouses and other industrial buildings. However, it has become more popular in Richmond Hill in recent years on residential homes. It’s important to choose a roofing company experienced in flat roofs before installing this style, as it requires very specific angles to ensure proper water drainage year-round.

Aimed Group is also working with bespoke projects and materials. We invite our clients to ask about any prospective builds and are happy to make alterations to designs to suit your style and space better.

Aimed Services as Roofing Contractors in Richmond Hill

Along with our work as roofing contractors in Richmond Hill, Aimed Group also stands out among local flooring companies as an authority in wood flooring and epoxy flooring. Our services extend to home and business owners in the area, covering various projects:

  • Hardwood Flooring – Richmond Hill has many older homes with original hardwood flooring. Aimed Group can help you decide if a full overhaul is necessary and get you the best possible materials to replace your old floor.
  • Composite Wood Flooring – For those seeking the aesthetic appeal of hardwood without the price tag, composite wood flooring is an excellent alternative and one we proudly offer. Composite wood is made up of tiny wood fibres from all parts of the tree. This helps us reduce waste and improve sustainability. Composite flooring is easy to care for and can last a long time when properly maintained.
  • Epoxy Flooring – This sleek, protective coating covers basement floors, garages, warehouses, and other industrial worksites, keeping concrete from cracking and allowing you to customize your space. Epoxy flooring is long-lasting, comes in a wide assortment of colours and is especially easy to maintain.

Like our roofing services, our flooring services reflect our customers rather than our brand. We work closely with clients to create a flooring design that meets your needs as a homeowner in look, feel, and functionality.

Aimed Group General Contracting Services in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Aimed Group provides a variety of services to clients in Richmond Hill. Along with flooring and roofing, we supply general contracting services to help with custom projects and builds. Whether you are looking to install an outdoor feature in your garden or build up a garage outside your home, we can help with many aspects of your daily construction projects.

Aimed Group is a favourite among Richmond Hill natives for many reasons, including our extended connections in shipping and transportation. Working with a contractor who manages shipping offers a greater level of security in delivery times, project length, cost, and required employees. Rather than using a third-party transportation service, which could delay build times, we deliver materials ourselves. This helps us provide realistic and reliable quotes on project times and costs.

Why choose Aimed Group in Richmond Hill?

Aimed Group has a long history of successful projects in and around Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our team has developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship, friendly service, affordable builds, and the best tools and materials. We select only the finest products for our client’s homes because we know these materials reflect our brand.

Aimed Group handles many high stakes projects, infusing a perfect balance of luxury, affordability, and durability into our work.

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If you live in Richmond Hill, or are looking to relocate, and want information on roofing, flooring, general contracting, and transportation services in the city, we can help. Our experienced and friendly staff are always happy to speak from new and existing clients, offering realistic quotes, managing transportation, and ensuring top-tier craftsmanship on every project.

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