Steel Roofing Contractors in BramptonKnown for the Peel Art Gallery, Gage Park’s luxurious garden views, and the time-honoured Rose Theatre, Brampton is an Ontario city worth calling home. Houses within the Greater Toronto region, Brampton is recognized as a tourist hub and cultural center filled with entertainment, art, and historical significance.

With a population of just over 600,000 Canadians calling Brampton home, the need for affordable, durable, and beautiful housing is rising. As a local hardwood flooring, roofing contractor, and general contracting company in the Greater Toronto area, Aimed Group is proud to provide top-tier craftsmanship and grade-A customer service to our friends and neighbours in Brampton.

Choosing Steel Roofing Contractors in Brampton

One of the fantastic features which set homes apart in Brampton from other regions of Toronto is the rising popularity of steel roofing. This roof style provides resistance to heavy rain, snow, and wind, protecting your home from even the most severe storms. It also decreases power bills by insulating your home to a greater degree, locking in heat during cold Canadian winters and retaining cool air in the summer warmth.

Choosing roofers in Brampton is not an easy task, as our great city is filled with a variety of talented roof companies. Aimed sets ourselves apart by providing a variety of roofing services in Brampton, including our role as the leading steel roofing contractors in the city.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a roofer include:

  • Affordability – Aimed Group sources our products from reliable and sustainable producers. We select the highest-grade options while ensuring our customers are not being overcharged.
  • Experience – Working with all roofing types, be it asphalt or steel, requires experience and training. Hiring a new company with little experience handling these materials, or the delicate structure of Brampton houses could put your home in peril. Our team is hand-chosen based on several specifications, including experience level, training, personality, and more.
  • Customer Service – While building roofs and installing flooring are among our main skills; Aimed Group strives to provide our customers with consistently great customer service. It’s important that our clients feel their homes are in good hands and are being treated fairly. Whether you are dealing with an architect, construction worker, contractor, or administration, our team is on your side and keeps the customer’s best interest at heart during every interaction.
  • Location – Using a local company to install your steel roofing supports our local economy here in Brampton. This increases the safety, durability, and sustainability of the housing in our area while simultaneously supporting local businesses and keeping Brampton thriving.
  • Coverage – While Aimed Group is extremely cautious and trains all our employees on the latest safety precautions of roof installation, accidents can happen. Hiring a company with all the right credentials and insurance keeps you from any monetary trouble, should problems occur on your property.
  • Materials – Selecting a roofing company should depend on the materials they provide. Choose a steel roofing contractor in Brampton with access to high-grade materials that will last. Canada is lucky to be a producer of high-quality products from wood to metal. By choosing supplies that will hold up against storms, fire, and age, Aimed Group can guarantee durability and longevity.
  • Transportation – Selecting a metal roofing contractor with access to transportation services will lower your project’s overall cost and minimize the time you have people working in your home. Our company not only specializes in materials and craftsmanship, but we also offer transportation services. This cuts back costs and ensures jobs are completed on time and within budget.

More Roofing Options Offered Through Aimed Group

Aimed Group prides ourselves on our steel roofing services, but we also offer various roofing types and materials:

Flooring and General Contracting

Aimed Group is recognized as an authority among flooring companies. We offer a wide range of materials and floor types, including:

We also offer general contracting services, helping locals in Brampton with various projects inside and outside the home and business setting. We excel as general contractors because of our talented group of staff, including Aimed Group architects, designers, contractors, construction professionals, and administration.


One of the ways we set ourselves apart from other contractors in Brampton is through our amazing network of connections. Transportation is a huge cost and liability during any job. Whether you have a new floor installed or putting in a roof, transporting heavy materials takes excessive amounts of time and money. Often, it’s the transportation and logistics of doing the project which delays jobs, rather than the craftsmanship itself.

Fortunately, Aimed Group offers transportation as one of our many contractor services here in Brampton. This removes all of the guesswork from the timeline you receive for your project. It also allows us to make more concrete financial quotes on roofing, flooring, and general contracting.

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Aimed Group is a proudly Canadian company with a long history of successful projects. Over the years, we have provided services for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners and have developed experience and talent in various forms of installation because of it.

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