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ConsultationAimed Group is a full-service construction management company in Toronto, Ontario. Part of the reason we are successful is our passion for not only supplying our clients with a service but also with the information they need to be successful throughout the entirety of a build or product development. Working closely with our clients, we help you create a customized strategy bespoke to your brand, vision, or goal. This is part of our construction consultation services and a proven advantage to any person or business looking to build or make changes to a property.

What is a construction consultation service, and why do I need one?

Construction may appear cut and dry, but it is so much more than a hammer and nails. No matter the cost of your building project, there are hidden risks, required documents, and necessary safety precautions to take into consideration. Whether you are building a new house or installing a new roof, Aimed Group can help you ensure everything is in order pre-construction, so you can enjoy your home post-construction without any added hassle or hardship. Construction consultants work with clients to develop strategies and preparations for future building projects.

Construction Consultation Services Offered by Aimed Group

Aimed Group provides a variety of consulting options to our customers to ensure your project is successful. Some of the ways we can help you prep for your next build include:

  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting – Building projects are expensive, and for many Canadians balancing costs of supplies, labour, and equipment with income takes an experienced construction expert. A huge part of creating a realistic budget is cost estimation, which relies on accurate quotes.
  • Transportation Coordination – Aimed Management has an advantage in our transportation services. Our team has excellent communication with one another and get materials where they need to be on time with no middleman.
  • Schedule Development – Organization is key in any construction projection, and working with construction consultation services gives you access to a plethora of scheduling benefits. With a team of experienced contractors who know the ins and outs of the construction business backwards and forwards, we can help you determine the best plan of action for every step of your project and when you can expect to see it come to fruition.
  • Contract Review – As you build a new home or business, you will see an assortment of paperwork cross your desk. Contracts are a big part of construction; ensuring that everything arrives on time, is purchased at the agreed-upon price, and delivered where it needs to go. Aimed Group works with contracts every day, and part of our role as a consultant is helping our clients navigate contracts and other documents involved in a project.
  • Project Design – Designing a project depends on many variables. From the size of the property to zoning laws and the materials you choose, there are limitations that you need to work within when drafting a design. Knowing these limitations, Aimed Group will work with you to develop a project design that checks every box and leaves you excited to see the finished product.
  • Schedule Creation – In construction, the disruption of one project leads to an extension on another. Aimed Group strives for strict schedule adherence on every build, and as your consultant, we can help you create a schedule with reasonable timelines, which gives your construction crew no room for excuses.
  • Site Surveying – Not every site is a valid build zone for every project. Selecting the appropriate site for construction takes fine-tuning and insider knowledge. Using construction consultation services gives you all the information you need without the extra work of finding it.
  • Equipment and Material Evaluation – Aimed Group is local to Toronto, which means we want what is best for our friends and neighbours. Being a leader in the contracting industry, we know which materials will last the longest, cost the least, and provide a unique aesthetic for your build. We can help you choose, price, and order the materials you need for your project.
  • Advice – Aside from all the above, Aimed Group also offers general advice to our clients on construction projects. We are happy to help you with all your construction endeavours.

Get Accurate Quotes for Your Construction Consultation Service

At Aimed Group, we pride ourselves on having some of the most accurate quotes in the city of Toronto.

Beginning a new project is exciting, and there is nothing worse than receiving a bad quote from a contractor only to realize later that your project will cost more and put you well over budget. To keep our clients on the right track and maintain the path to successful completion on budget, we take great care in our cost estimations.

Working one on one with your construction consultation service representative, you can have a cost breakdown created of each aspect of your build. You can also fast track your approach to budgeting through our online quote page. Our most accurate quotes come once we have had some time to get to know your project and thoroughly review size, materials, site, etc. Using our online form will get the ball rolling and have you on your way to a new roof, floor, or another construction project quickly.

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If you or somebody you know is considering a construction project and need help with decisions, technicalities, and supplies, we can help. Aimed Group is a proud member of the city of Toronto and is always happy to lend a hand to new and existing clients wherever your next project takes you.

For more information on our construction consultation services, we invite you to call us at 1-905-505-0162 or visit our online contact page.

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