Construction Project Management Services in Toronto

Construction ManagementAs a leader in the construction management service industry in Ontario, Aimed Group strives to provide every customer with the best materials and services on every project we encounter. Our team of experienced professionals possess a diverse skill set, specializing in “beginning to end” project management.

Hiring a contractor provides you with access to experience and tools for a project, but it does not always guarantee the ongoing support needed to ensure your project meets desired outcomes and specifications. Our construction management services provide more than just a contractor; we provide an entire team of professionals prepared to meet challenges head-on and help you reach your goal without breaking the bank.

Aimed Group Construction Management Services

No two projects are the same, which is why a general contractor is rarely the best option for a successful design or build. At Aimed Group, we work closely with clients to develop a bespoke strategy for success based on your project’s desired outcomes and the goals it entails. From time restraints to budgetary issues, we customize our approach to make things work. Some of the areas we apply focus to throughout this customization approach are:

  • Logistics – This includes the transport of materials, crew, and building equipment to and from your site.
  • Materials – Aimed Group provides full construction management services, which means we use top-tier supplies, specially ordered for each project and chosen by you, the client, to ensure high-quality products on every job.
  • Architects – Our architects are hand chosen based on their experience, qualifications, and specialized skills. We hire the best Canada offers to supply you with the perfect mix of creativity and engineering.
  • Construction Professionals – Like our architects, Aimed Group does not hire construction professionals on a first-come, first-serve basis. We select our teams based on a clear set of skills, experience, and certification, guaranteeing our Toronto clients unbeatable craftsmanship.
  • Site Prep – Every construction project has a beginning, middle, and end. What some contractors do not provide is the prep time before the beginning period to ensure everything runs smoothly, the team is on board, and tools and supplies are organized.
  • Location – Not every big project gets started with a pre-set location. Many clients come to us with a dream for a construction project, but no site on the books. Helping our clients locate, survey, and inspect the building site is one of the specialized skills we offer.
  • Design – Contractors are great with a hammer, but part of the charm of working with a construction management service is the added benefit of design. Our architects and designers work together to draft functional, aesthetic blueprints for your dream project.
  • Customer Service – No Aimed Group experience is complete without being treated to our one of a kind top of the line customer service. From administration to architecture and beyond, we strive to prove just how important our clients are to us with the best customer service available.

Aimed Group is a unique multi-service construction management company in that we specialize in a variety of industries. These specializations give us an advantage over competing contractors, as we are better able to provide you with skills and knowledge aligned with your field.

Putting Safety First

A huge benefit of working with Aimed Group is our attention to safety. Providing a healthy environment for our work teams and clients is of the utmost priority to us. We have a zero-tolerance danger policy, encouraging our staff to report all potential risks for personal injury, or damage to the project as soon as they are noticed. In this way, Aimed Group has been highly successful at curbing the potential for hazards and improving work conditions.

Educating our employees on safe work conditions, and ensuring we have the right gear, up to date emergency response training, and good working equipment helps us maintain high safety standards.

Why choose Aimed Group?

When the time comes to choose a construction management service in Toronto, consider selecting a team with knowledge of the area, the right tools for the job, and a long list of successful builds. Aimed Group is a strong believer in building relationships with our clients. Every project we take on becomes a project of passion. By closely communicating with our clients on your hopes and dreams for your project, we can channel our inspiration and energy toward the build.

Aimed Group is recognized for our high-end materials and building practices, producing long-standing architecture our clients can be proud of. As a construction management service, we offer more than the basics of a contractor firm, giving our clients access to unique services and products, otherwise unavailable to home and business owners. Some of the ways we go above and beyond for our clients include assisting with:

  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Permits
  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Administration
  • Contracts
  • Tendering
  • Blueprint Development
  • Training
  • Warranties

As a local construction management service provider, Aimed Group has a close relationship with other local Toronto developers and contractors. Our connections help us better serve our clients by providing the best locations, equipment, and designs for contracted projects. With a vast network of employees and partners we can offer competitive prices, fast turnaround time, and the best materials.

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If you are looking for construction management services in or around the Greater Toronto area, we invite you to contact us at Aimed Group. Our team has a long track record of success on a multitude of project types. Recognized for our community spirit and ethical approach to building, we are proud to offer our friends and neighbours roofing, flooring, construction, and transportation services. Call 1-905-505-0162 or visit our online contact page to get in touch.

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