Green Roofing


Green roofing has become one of the most popular commercial or residential roofs, primarily in urban areas. It has significant benefits when dealing with overheating in built-up areas with a lot of pavement and concrete. This is known as Urban Heat Syndrome and can lead to very hot, unnatural weather making living and working situations uncomfortable.

There are a variety of designs of green roofing available to suit your needs. For example, you can have a highly recreational space designed or opt for a low maintenance or lightweight system. Consult with a professional roofing contractor to get the best out of your green roofing system. The green roof is the most eco-friendly option for a roofing system. 

In many cases, green roofs can be applied over the top of existing roof systems like EPDM, TPO and Sarnafil. 

What is the green roofing installation process?

There are four main layers when it comes to the installation of green roofs. 

  1. The first layer is a root-resistant membrane that stops root activity from damaging the roof’s structural system. 
  2. The second layer is the drainage and the filter; this allows water and debris to filter through and travel out designated drainage, eaves or scuppers. 
  3. The third layer has the dual purpose of retaining any excess water and supporting the green growth above. 
  4. The fourth and final layer is the pre-cultivated vegetation.

Different Types of Green Roofs

  • Reflective Roofing Coatings – Also known as white roofs, these acrylic coatings can reflect hot sunlight, thus allowing your home to be cooler and reduce energy bills.
  • Garden Roofs – These are fully functioning gardens built on flat roofs. They are gaining popularity with city buildings and condos. They not only create a beautiful green space for the building, but they are also able to produce oxygen, absorb rainwater and carbon monoxide. They also provide insulation for homes, keeping them warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer.
  • Photovoltaic Roof Systems – These use solar cells and panels on the roof, and they are usually installed over the roof membrane. These solar panels reduce energy costs by creating energy themselves as well as providing insulation for the roof. 
  • Enviroshake – These roofing products look just like cedar roofing shakes. However, these are made out of recycled and reclaimed post-consumer and post-industrial materials like plastic or rubber. These materials are mold and pest-resistant, as well as durable and they are weather resistant. 

The Main Benefits of Green Roofing

Energy Savings

According to recent studies, you could be saving up to 15% on your energy bill each month by installing a green roof. Garden roof systems save money in energy consumption. 

Tax Incentives

Many local governments have created tax benefits for garden-type roofs, known as “green” tax benefits. Speak with your tax professional about your local opportunities for green roof systems.

Land Optimization

Due to the improved storm management of a green roof, this could allow you to build a larger structure onto your existing property than would otherwise be allowed by code.

Quick and Easy Installation

Green roofs offer the same benefits as any well-installed roofing system. These systems are easy to install, which means that there will be less inconvenience for you and your business or tenants.

Avoid These Common Problems When Having Your Green Roof Installed

While the list of benefits associated with green roofs is long, before you go ahead with installing your green roof, avoid these common pitfalls associated with green roof systems:

Complicated Designs

Garden roofs can have many elements involved, making them difficult to install and cause further problems if installed incorrectly. This can cause poor performance or even a system failure for your roof, which can be costly to repair.

Multiple Contractors

There are many contractors involved when having your garden roof installed. This can cause many issues in regards to longer installation times and business interruption. If you can, try and find a centralized roofing company that can handle every aspect of green roof installation independently.

Multiple Points of Contact

If you run into a problem with your green roof, complications can arise regarding whom you are meant to call for help. 

In order to address these issues, Aimed Group offers our clients a streamlined and hassle-free option when it comes to green roof installation. At Aimed Group, we have been in the business of roof installation for over 30 years. We have grown to become a centralized roofing company, which means that we provide everything from installation to sourcing the materials. We will be your first and only point of contact throughout the entire process.

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